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first lady. >> under any score, it immigration and education, he has been an advocate for the community. >> the president will make the case that americans are better off now than there were four years ago >> obama-i believe that my plan will continue to grow and strengthen the middle class. >> do you want to know if you're better off? i've a bumper sticker for you. osama bin laden is said and general motors is a life.
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>> recent polls show that the first lady has a overall approval rating nationwide. coverage of the democratic convention on from crack cast -- comcast 193. >>james: the dumbarton bridge is now open this morning. >> i am standing near the toll plaza for the dumbarton bridge pin you can see the car is going across the bridge behind me. they opened it early.
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caltrans lifted part of the foundations of the think it would supports underneath it. they also put choice to provide it would go room for possible earthquake. >> less than and up state on our forecast. what is it gonna to be like today erica. >>erica: a another nice day. we have made some changes to talk about as we head into their awesome tracking -- we are also attracting tropical depression john. we will see more on the way
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of cloud cover going into tomorrow. we are not all -- we are contending with tropical moisture. take a look at the numbers right outside the door. you to cast -- to to test floor shows-- future cast 4 shows where we can see some '90s. breaking down in numbers neighborhood by neighborhood.
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we could see some '90s and the east bay. the kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast will show a cool down and changes to talk about. we may see thunderstorms for some of our inland areas. of for all is pretty mild conditions >>justine: the bay bridge is nice and smit andmooth.
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a at the cemetery ridge is transmitted and the traffic is light on the golden gate. >> as a fast spreading wild fire in lockwood valley. firefighters have been there since as they mourned. it's unclear how this fire started. >> a 3,600 a. wildfire started on sunday. they do not expect to get it under control until next monday because the terrain is very steep.
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>>james: frank ryan suffered a heart attack when battling a fire last thursday. he is in stable condition. he has not spoken yet. his firefighting friends and his family has have remained at the hospital around the clock. >> a fire happened at 1310 church street in san francisco pin >> a 20 year old male was found shot and a word. investigation is underway. they did not have a good description of the suspect. >> in man is recovering this morning after being stabbed in the lake and san
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francisco last night. police arrived and found a 24 year old man stabbed and it took to the hospital. he is expected to survive. the suspects are in custody >>justine: we brought to this story like yesterday morning. officers responded to a fight inside the home just before they found a man suffering from multiple sakhalin's. his second to the hospital and is unstable conditions. the identity of the victims and suspects have not been released >> two offices shot two men.
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please claim that the man got out of the car with a weapon but it turned out to be an pellet gun. this story from the police is not matched what the sun told this by their parent >> ma to will [gunshots] -- multiple gunshots happened
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number one on amazon is best seller cleared it is about osama bin laden is re. if the pentagon has its way the author may be forced to forgo all warranties. >> bruce willis is silly apple because he wants to make sure that all his eye to -- bruce willis is silly -- sueing @ ball because he wants to make sure that has itunes goes to his daughter care
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>>justine: and eagle scout creates a out three after a year has out was launched kirkuk -- after year his application was one ticket >> i'm hoping it will increase traffic to the girl here. hopefully it will bring attention to all of the historic fame and the oil town. -- doylstown >>james: many of the people in the gulf bay are still dealing with remnants of hurricane highs in.
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>>james: we were back to the golf coast record people are still dealing with remnants of hurricane if i see fit >> this is a week after hurricane isaac fit pin. the devastation can be seen for miles if. >> i think the road will be cleared in a they are so. water pumping stations are up and running. if they did not, this water would remain here with no way to get outbi.
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after days with no power, other than water damage they are worried about the conditions picking. >> fair and dead animals alligators and snakes were key in these waters cause dangers to everyone. military choppers for harder work keeping the people alive. >>james: in mississippi they are dealing with hundreds of dead swamp class that washed ashore. they're hoping to hire crews to dispose of all the fat animals.
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>>justine: there was a 20% lation rate this weekend to to the hantavirus. so far six park visitors have been infected by the road into--rodant warren dizzy spin >>erica: you can see the fog at the golden gate bridge this morning. it is very similar then yesterday. and the south bay rear not seen any visibility is you
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is what so ever appeared. really in santa rosa way if the visibility has dropped to just 4 mi. pin. here are your afternoon highs. we will see in blue skies and sunshine for the most part i. sphere is a little bit cooler in the north bay fifth i.
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we have an angel's fame far they've if 7 of 5:00 p.m. fifth if. this 7 day around the bay forecast shows changes. we're tracking what is tropical depression john. as we head into the 5:00 hour tomorrow we could pick up some showers. we could see some thunderstorms as well. it looks like subtle changes in the temperatures as we head to the weekend.
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>> the dumbarton bridge is open so you could use that this morning. the bay bridge is moving smoothly. hopefully we will see a decrease in traffic on the san mateo bridge. with the golden gate bridge has a little bit of fog that no dense fogs to contend with. the east shore freeway is running smoothly and the south bay is a nice easy ride. it looks like north bound 85
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is new coming out of cupertino. >>justine: of lamplight san jose had eight homicides. >> at a gang member has a message for those left behind. the all the place at the is going to end at is in jail or 6 ft. under appeared. they are rally for peace outside the safeway were a man was killed. >> the need to show some respect and kindness.
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a christian motorcycle club which is in another community activists marched along the sidewalk. there have been 33 homicides with a large percentage on the east side. these kids need to be a potentially into something unfortunately the gangs are giving them an opportunity. >> if you are locked up in jail or in hospital the only people that would care will be your family. >>justine: somebody was expected of robbery in the
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medical marijuana dispensary. they're looking for a fair suspect only describe as a hispanic male and this team sprit >> a new study is looking into organic compared to
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>>james: if you buy organic vegetables we know the cost more but is it worth that? they have found if it is practically no nutritional difference fifth if but if he considered pesticides they discovered that of janet festivals and
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france have 30 percent lower pesticide spill if live season is a round of foreign affairs --flu season is from around the corner kirku. they suggest that anyone six months or older should get a shot. we will be right back.
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>>james: decision 2012 fifth i.
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>> i castro will be the first dam latina of democrats to give a in a reduction of stress picks-- address. that left the fairways will be sad to waive if mfn-- there will be many different clinical at on-his fifth if >> you can get the applications of the five of what the television 50.
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fe will give you information on that advertisements fifth if they will say to purchase the added how much money they spent on if. >> at it is a way to tell how much money is coming in from superfaspac. gamo >>james: you have watched the entire convention on ineffective commercial fleet on comcast 4193 fifth i-- comcat
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i 19350193. >>justine: president obama visit if of golf coast festive day and told them fax if we are here to help fix if >>james: a live look at the dumbarton bridge p. caltrans opened for the faint of about half hours-- the bridge about 10 hours
4:33 am
ahead of time . >>erica: it is fan of the fall of the levy -- it is another foggy morning if if coastal fog will stick with this until and not a flaw found unfit -- until 9:00 a.m. fifth i as we head into the evening hours the fall full life of traffic if -- the fall of
4:34 am
if-- fog will make a come- fifth iback. fear of if temperatures outside the villa fifth if today if will be cooler than
4:35 am
yes today for the day before if i. we have potential for some moisture and thunderstorms as welfare if-- as well. state fair if >>james: the fridge is from with five if-- fine. there are no officious chaff flies-- trafic wizese
4:36 am
for traffic areas if if fanfare >>justine: 5 half hilfiger fanfare -- were killed and in the car accident when the car rolled over. for were pronounced dead at the scene and the other died of the hospital. >> a woman is critically injured and their son is in custody following the shooting. they found the man dead and woman were wounded. police say that the suspect shot of the hospital about half an hour after the shooting.
4:37 am
>> the former chicago police officer who was accused of killing his wife pin. the jury deliberation could start as early as this afternoon. >> here is a look from our roof camera.
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>>justine: the fire between concord and pittsburg has been contained. it was difficult for firefighters to fight this fire. >> people want to see chevron make major changes to the refinery. in the last four weeks more than 14,000 residents visited hospital complaining of symptoms. >> they rallied for a drastic changes. >> they are carrying signs calling for a public takeover of the refinery.
4:46 am
someone punishment for the the company for refusing to replace the pipes. we are saying that they should be prosecuted. >> they also want chevron to fund a hospital in richmond to treat people who have developed asthma caused by the refinery. >> chevron is looking into the cause of the accident and say that they are guaranteed take steps so it will not happen again. they have no plans of giving up control of the refinery. >>justine: let's go to erica
4:47 am
for weather. >>erica: it's will be a rather pleasant day of around the bay area. in san francisco we are dealing with fog. the tops of the buildings were covered with fog and that will be that way until midmorning. take a look at the visibility report. here are temperatures right now.
4:48 am
it is mostly the '50s across the area. here at afternoon highs. it will be a gorgeous day a round the bay area. it looks like the giants are playing two nights. here are the conditions.
4:49 am
you will want to hold on to your hats and maybe bring a sweater. here is the 7 day around the bay. it looks like tropical depression john could bring a lot of tropical air into our area. by wednesday we may see some thunderstorms. expect to see these wednesday evening. the rest of the wheat will be a little bit more cloudy than what we will see today.
4:50 am
the temperatures will not show very much changed over the next couple of days. >> heading out the door the bridges are moving fine. in and no back wraps around the bay. remember the dumbarton bridge has opened today. you might want to drive with extra caution because it is another foggy morning at the golden gate bridge. we have all green on our road away sensors.
4:51 am
from nevada to the golden gate bridge the drive time is 22 minutes. >> >>james: a come from behind and win for the giants. the was 9-8 over arizona. they fell behind but scored runs it toward the last few innings to cause them to go into extra innings. >> there is no team hot air then the a's.
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>> there was an arm injury and the player is out for the season. harrelson is signed to a 2013 pi. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with
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hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >>justine: tan bodies were on display and the muscle
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building competition. this contest happens every year on labor day. >> the santa cruz boardwalk is getting a facelift. they're going to talk about what's in store now for the amusement park. >> the star attraction is coming down. it is not the tallest roller coaster or the fastest it does feature a rare design. it's been sure car as you move along the track.
4:56 am
park organizers hope to have this roller-coaster open next year. it is along with the giant dipper that has been running since 1924. >>justine: here is what's coming up. [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs with just a few ingredients you have an easy dinner... pillsbury crescent dogs... school night ideas made easy.
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>>mark: democratic convention has -pen today. this is where president obama will accept the nomination for president. >> is a difficult fire or thousands of acres have burned. 1:00 this morning for a possibly brewery. -- robbery. cruiser at the scene. we will have information for you as we get. >>mark: there is a homicide
5:00 am
investigation for a shooting and alameda county. authorities say they did not have a description of the suspect or the vehicle. >>darya: let's get the james for weather. here is today's planner. agent be another hot day inland. this evening we will see fog return. there is a possibility of some sprinkles later on in the week. >>george: the dumbarton bridges back in service this morning.
5:01 am
here's a quick commute check. >>darya: the dumbarton gray it is open and ready for the commuters. it was set down for retrofit work that they did of a long weekend. it was supposed to open right now at 5:00 a.m. but had it has been opened earlier. they put in chilly since so that it would be able to withstand a earthquake. they did this work over the holiday weekend. they expect all of the work
5:02 am
that they plan to complete on the dumbarton bridge to be in is by early 2013. >>mark: castro will take center stage tonight at the democratic convention -- convention. he will be the first latino to give the opening address. >> i have a bumper sticker for you. osama bin laden is dead in general motors is a life. >> party leaders say that michelle obama as a strong sarai get to speak for her husband. she has a very high approval
5:03 am
rating. a reminder. you can watch the live convention coverage on kron 4 comcast 193. >>darya: firefighters are trying to get the upper hand this morning. this is the entire san gabriel canyon area. this happened -- they do not believe they can get this under control for about a week because of debt to rein in-- the land is so steep. >>mark: and san francisco a
5:04 am
man was stabbed in the leg. he is expected to be ok. >> we brought to this story alive yesterday when police officers respond to this fight. they found a man had been stabbed multiple times. the victim went to the hospital and the suspect has been taken into custody. the names who have not yet been released. >>darya: one mack man was killed on sunday morning and in gunfire. one man was hit by a bullet here in
5:05 am
>> mario did not get out of the car. shell is the evidence that mario was outside the car. he is recovering right now at the medical center. the police officer has been put on administrative leave and during the investigation. >>mark: bruce willis once apple to leave something behind for his family. we will be back any minute.
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>>mark: the have fifth fall showing off to a out of a tariff -- fifth called showing up around the bay fifth. this will be the first trading day in september. august ended on a high nodes. the trading volume is at its lowest level in five years. we'll be looking for the jobs report. >>darya: this is an interesting story about your
5:10 am
itunes. what happens after if you die? there are rumors that's bruce class will lesiswillis isg falco--apple because he wants to leave his itunes account to his family. >>mark: i add my said to my apple id's so it is like a living will. >>darya: i'm sure there bruce willis has a great collection.
5:11 am
>> no easy day is an accounting of the mission of osama bin laden. military officials say the the real impact is inside the ranks occurred. if the pentagon had its way both the author and the publisher may be forced to forgo the profit of the book care >> we will be looking at the party problem encaustic, to county. -- contra costa county.
5:12 am
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>mark: the teens and cutter costa county are taking
5:15 am
advantage of the foreclosure problem. they're breaking into homes kirkuk. this happened in concord said it was at this house. this is a tight community. anybody trying to do anything outside the norm, the neighbors are on top of appeared >>darya: residence 1 chevron to make major changes after the fire broke out. and the last four weeks more than 14,000 people visited hospital here yesterday about 50 people marched through the streets of richmond.
5:16 am
protesters went critical -- criminal punishment for those it did not replace the pipes. >> if you can't replace the pipes why should you be in charge of running it. it is criminal negligence. >> severance says the they are continuing to cooperate in to the investigation. chevron is trying to move forward from the spiri-- this. >>mark: there is still cleanup in new orleans. you can see that residents are still dealing with water.
5:17 am
nearly 100,000 people are without power. >> it is ugly. there aren't dead cows and dead horses. >>mark: along with that there are snakes and alligators lurking in the waters. meantime, the mississippi has had thousands of swamp grass washed ashore. they have assets emergency management administration for help for the cleanup. >> we're watching a new storm in the atlantic. this is from the national hurricane center. it is moving very slowly.
5:18 am
sustained winds are are around 65 mi. per hour kirkuk. it will be very close to bermuda by the end of the weekend >>james: here is a look at the golden gate bridge. it is foggy here. temperatures this morning are as follows. it is mostly in the '50s. we will expect a fence to warm up as we head into the afternoon kirkuk today is going to be the
5:19 am
last hot day. we had about to a 20 percent chance of some sprinkles with a possible thunderstorms by wednesday evening. here are the afternoon highs. we may see the 90s in the east bay.
5:20 am
here is your three day out look going for word. we will talk more about how the rains will develop later. >>george: we have our comcast channel 193 where we have 24-7 ms weather and traffic in >>george: we have smooth conditions. i do not see any hot spots.
5:21 am
there are no delays through the san ramon valley. the bride, on 101 north bound is 50 minutes. -- 15 minutes. the ride through marin county from novato to the golden gate bridge is 23 minutes. let's have a bit bridge check yet it is a seventh commute through the macarther maze on the bay bridge headcount the san mateo bridge is doing well this morning. that is due to the dumbarton bridge opening ahead of schedule pin. there are no delays on the golden gate bridge from your
5:22 am
ride from marin county. we will be right back pi. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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>>mark: welcome back care here is a live look at the dumbarton bridge. they opened ahead of schedule. they change the carpool lane >>darya: what is the last thing you did before falling into sleeve this morning -- last night? did you kiss your i've had the night? they say that searching for two hours on that right this setting can suppress melatonin so you will not
5:26 am
get good sleep fifth >> for asthma can cite your gross incom. doctors can work with parents to reduce the dose of the drug to minimize the effect here mfn bamak >>mark:
5:27 am
5:28 am
>>darya: let's take a look at the weather. >>james: today will be similar than yesterday.
5:29 am
tomorrow we have a chance of thunderstorms. right now is a 20 percent chance. we will keep an eye on it feared we have moisture coming from down south in irian. and then the kind that we are looking for mild conditions to stay with us through the end of the we. >>george: it is a great to ride around the bay area of. if if you check sows light and easy traffic with the exception of highway 4 and 5580 in the-- 580.
5:30 am
>>darya: caltrans opened fed dumbarton revs 10 hours ahead of time kirkuk >> not only did they opened up 10 hours in advance, they completed quite a bit kirkuk it will not be completed until early 2013 201. the most important thing they did was put in chilliness to of zuleika--
5:31 am
hjoints to of sore some of the vibrations from earthquakes kirkuk they did take advantage of the fact that it was closed down for a couple of days and they added some pain and-- paint. >>darya: they will notice the improvements if there is an earthquake >>mark: democrats across the nation are gearing up for the democrat convention irian
5:32 am
michelle bauman is expected to speak tonight kirkuk -- michelle obama is expected to speak tonight pin a reminder, you can watch the convention undrafted on kron 4 comcast 493. >>darya: of 1 plates and his say >> many people rallied outside the safe way minimarket where some people were stabbed to death pin a
5:33 am
former gang member was there to encourage people to change the lives that appeared it is not worth it. the only place your gun and that is in jail or 6 ft. under. you think these guys are gonna do something for you. nobody's pointed to anything for you except for your family and your apparent paradox >> these guys behind me will help you out. stay in school. education is the number-one thing. it will make you a better person kirkuk >>darya: they are asking the community to do their part. these people want to persuade everybody to do their own part carry >>darya: the fire fighter
5:34 am
that was injured during if fire last week is doing better right now. he is stable. he suffered a heart attack kirku. he is still and then. his family and firefighter family remain at his bedside around the clock. he is not spoken yet. >>mark: i will show you where this fire is. i applauded it on google birtearth-- eart6h. there are some evacuation's posted as welfare--
5:35 am
more than 700 personnel are on the scene fifth. >>justine: the dodge ram pickup truck had the best season. it increased 19 percent over august last year. >>darya: we will be back with more. here is a look at the approach to the bay bridge. traffic is looking good.
5:36 am
good morning! wow.
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5:39 am
should be a beautiful day today. tollways -- toys r us are beginning fair there layaway program here. last year, wal-mart we initiated their layaway programs. >>darya: there was a is a study of foods.
5:40 am
organic after it did not test to be any more nutritious but did have significant less amount of pesticides pin >> get your flu shot early. this year there could be an early out breaks. everyone from six months old and older should get a shot. you cannot tell when the floozies and will begin. >>mark: here is a look at the san mateo bridge. so far traffic is moving smoothly. so far traffic is moving smoothly. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving.
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>>mark: the dumbarton bridge has opened early. the democratic national convention is getting under way in north carolina. castro will be the first latino to give the opening address. i fire is burning in southern california. it started about 2:15 p.m. on sunday. they do not expect to get it under control for about a week. >> in chicago this man was accused of killing his wife in 2004. after his fourth wife went missing a was arrested.
5:45 am
there will begin the trial today. bowling with an orange today. he is preparing for the upcoming debate. >> it would be nice if you could just ask the question and get an answer instead of putting it on an orange pit >>james: the weather is
5:46 am
fairly clear here. this is a lot of fog hugging the coast line. here are the temperatures right now. eventually we will see temperatures warm up quite a bit. by 3:00 in the afternoon we are looking for conditions to get hot. it will be in the mid-90s and spots in the east bay. if you want we leave you need to head to the coast. here's with the temperatures will look like today.
5:47 am
the east will be hiked but the south bay will not be too bad. take a look at the forecasts for the a's game. it will start to clear but the cloud cover will increase. it will be breezy. here's your 7 day around the bay. we have a chance of a thunderstorm at by wednesday. it is a about a 20 percent
5:48 am
chance. it will be mostly are mountain communities to the north. if he wanted check the weather on comcast channel 193 to get 247 reports. >>george: there is an early back up on the bay bridge for the west bound direction. clearly something is going on due to the early activation of the meat metering lights. the san mateo bridge is a smith commute. the golden gate bridge is still light traffic.
5:49 am
>> interstate 80 is still holding at 16 minutes. southbound 680 traffic is so good. the 580 drive-through dublin looks good. a marin ride is a problem free for one a one--101 south bound you. >>mark: san francisco 1 and 9-8 over arizona.
5:50 am
floor of the giants' last six victories in fall come back. >> this is no team in baseball hotter than the a's. the nine game winning streak is now broken. >> the 49 years have lost a player for this season. he had an arm injury. take a look. harrelson blocked on the play but left the field with an arm injury.
5:51 am
>>justine: these are live pictures and southern california. we do know that this fire has burned 3,600 a.. they are planning a long term strategy to battle the blaze. they do not expect to have it under control until next week. it is due to the steep land. >>darya: we have a wait at the bay bridge a purge. this is the first day back after the labor day weekend.
5:52 am
we will be right back. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature blooms in every seed, in deep red apples and in each golden bead. it blends into a perfect crunch you'll savor, giving us the most perfect lesson in flavor. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. 100% natural ingredients like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark chocolate flavor. plus, 10 grams of protein. so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars.
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>>george: we have early slowing on the approach. we have a backup. we have not figured out why at. >>darya: 54 year old michael duncan has died. >> a former nfl player has believed to have secured the job. >> a casino has cooked up a
5:56 am
giant cheeseburger. it weighs 2,014 lbs.. if you like to find out what is happening on the web visit our fan pot-- book page. >>darya: armstrong was hospitalized in italy. they said that he should not perform. >>mark: coming up on the kron 4 morning news will talk about icing. >>mark: we're keeping our eyes on what is happening on the bay bridge.
5:57 am
we'll be talking to george when we come back on as the kron 4 morning news continues.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> >>mark: there is a shooting in alameda county were a man is dead. >> at the dumbarton bridge is open early. >> it's the democrats' turn right now for the democratic convention in charlotte. >>james: here is a quick look at the weather. most of the drizzle is confined to the coast. it will be another hot day in land.

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